Printed Electronics


The printed electronics world is where graphene exposes more its potential as a nanomaterial. Regardless the method of printing (roll-to-roll, inkjet, screen or spray), it allows the production of flexible conductive circuits for a huge amount of final applications on the electronics industry.


Graphene-based conductive inks should be tailored according to the printing method and customers’ requirements, since properties such as surface tension, viscosity, graphene flake size, substrate adhesion, required transparency and conductive ability change among them.

Product Used

Premium Graphene Nanoplatelets

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Examples of Product Applications

Electronic circuits in general

Conductive Inks

RFID Antennas

Electronic Paper

Advantages of Graphene Application


Graphene is a great conductor of electricity and heat due to its nanometric thickness allowing electrons and heat move up to 200x faster


Graphene is 100+ stronger than steel. You can use it to reinforce polymers or fiberglass and carbon fibre.


Graphene is lightweight material and enables a new whole generation of high performance of lighter and stronger composites.


As a two-dimensional material, graphene displays remarkable optical properties, including a simple transparency for visible light.


Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a small number of layers of carbon atoms arranged in an hexagonal lattice. Each layer is separated from another only by 0.33 nanometers.


Graphene has excellent hydrophobicity capacity that can be used to tailoring special coatings in marine, aerospace, automotive markets.

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Graphenest offers distinct graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) grades with varying sizes up to 50 microns. GNP are awesome nanoparticles comprised of stacks of platelet-shaped carbon sheets.

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With its own graphene production system, Graphenest is developing cutting-edge applications that were cost-prohibitive before for the automotive, aerospace and packaging markets.

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