New's about Graphenest

Graphenest Announces New Website Launch

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about Graphenest’s solutions, products, current technologies and applications, allowing them to know how to build the next graphene-based generation of products.

De Sever do Vouga para os EUA: Graphenest participa em programa de aceleração

O programa de aceleração da TechStars que decorre em Boston (EUA), até o dia 23 de abril, é bastante restrito, e selecionou a Graphenest entre milhares de candidaturas.

Techstars Autonomous is Unified By Boston’s Quest for Innovation

In the late ‘90s, the CIA wanted to leverage technology from various tech startups across the country, which resulted in the founding of the venture capital firm In-Q-Tel. The firm invested in companies that would provide software, hardware, and other tech-related properties to the agency.

The lightest kayak in the World made with HexaBond by Graphenest & Sipre

The lightest surfski kayak in the World with 5.75 m that weighs just 9.3 kg was achieved by a joint ventures between Graphenest and Sipre.

Techstars, Air Force Reveal First Boston Accelerator Investments

The saga continues: Graphenest is on the move. Graphenest is attending the acelleration program powered by Techstars Autonomous Technology Accelerator with the U.S. Air Force.

Portuguese Investigation Reinforce Investment in Strategic Areas of Science

O programa UT Austin Portugal é hoje renovado por mais dez anos. A assinatura do contrato com o Governo Português ocorreu hoje, nas instalações do CEIIA. A aposta estratégica consiste na colaboração internacional em tecnologias emergentes e no reforço da rede de empreendedorismo tecnológico UTEN.

These 10 companies are building ‘counter-drone’ tech in the Air Force accelerator

As drones become more widely used, both in the public and private sectors, we’ll need increasingly sophisticated supporting technologies to keep the systems safe and secure.

Forbes | “The New Black Gold”

Passaram 13 anos da descoberta do grafeno e só a União Europeia investiu mil milhões de euros para investigar este material. A Graphenest colocou Portugal no mapa da inovação.

AdMaCom 2017

AdMaCom 2017. What a journey!!! Take a little bit of your time to see how we spent our time at Berlin with such beautiful start-up’s family.