High Performance
Quality Graphene

We are suppliers of high-performance/quality graphene
and graphene products with a robust and proprietary manufacturing technology platform.

Graphene Nanoplatelets Size Distribution

  • Wide distribution of particle size: 1µm to 20µm;
  • Flakes’ thickness below 10 nm;

# layers

Particle Size Distribution

2 – 140

< 3 µm

3 - 7 µm

7 - 15 µm

> 15 µm





High Resolution TEM images

Characterization conditions:

  • Equipment: JEOL JEM-2100;
  • The observations were performed at 200 kV high tension using a copper TEM grid as sample holder;
  • TEM images were collected using a CCD Gatan UltraScan camera and processed with the Gatan software DigitalMicrograph.

RAMAN Spectrum

Characterization conditions:

  • Equipment: Horiba Jobin-Yvon LabRAM HR800;
  • The microscope is equipped with a dispersion net of 600 lines/mm, a CCD detector, refrigerated at -70ºC and an excitation line of 442 nm (Kimmon He:Cd laser);
  • The observations were performed with a 50x lens with an NA of 0.7;