Associated Member of Europe’s Bigger ever Research Initiative


Fresh excelent news:

Today, Graphenest becomes an associated member of Europe’s biggest ever research initiative: The Graphene Flagship#grapheneflagship

For you that do not understand the importance of this achievement, now Portugal has three participants: Universidade do Minho, by Dr. Nuno Peres team, as partner, and Graphenest and Glexys, as associated members.

Graphenest would like to thank everyone involved on this process, specially Dr. Nuno Peres and Dr. Mar Garcia Hernandez for their support.

Graphenest is a graphene-based solutions supplier, supporting the operations on its innovative method for large production of high quality graphene related materials (GRM) which gives it the ability to produce and commercialize with higher yield at a lower production cost (WO 2017025926 A1). Right now it is focused on the formulation of functional coatings for advanced and industry-relevant applications.

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